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About Kenote

Always down to connect with other dope artists. Email me or DM me on instagram so we can collaborate.

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My Story

Meet Ira Lee Moonre IV, better known by his stage name "Kenote." This 26-year-old R&B singer-songwriter hails from Los Angeles, California and has developed a passion for singing at a young age, performing in church and impressing audiences with his amazing voice. With a musical background from his mother who sang background vocals for Teedra Moses and his father who played the drums, Kenote honed his skills and went on to study music at Clark Atlanta University, graduating in 2020.

Kenote is known for blending soulful melodies and impeccable harmonies to create a unique sound that tells vivid, personal stories, influenced by legends such as Bobby Womack, D'Angelo, and Bilal. His last project, "Sinful Nature II," was released in 2019, and his latest album "Better Than Your X," a fusion of R&B and hip-hop, will be available on all streaming platforms starting February 10, 2023, featuring Sherrionn and Justice Allah. This album showcases Kenote's versatility as a musician and his commitment to creating meaningful music that resonates with his audience.

His unique approach to music includes connecting his songs in a way that they tell a larger story, with the first song serving as the beginning and the last song serving as the conclusion. Despite some of his songs dealing with the topic of sex, he strives to empower and uplift women through his lyrics. Kenote has contributed harmonies and background Ad-libs to several rappers due to his passion for singing harmonies.

Aside from his passion for music, Kenote displays his dedication and hard work through his past experiences as a camera assistant and operator at the Mercedes Stadium in Atlanta, as well as an audio mixer for television shows.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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